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Temporary visitor policy

To help ensure a safe care environment and limit possible exposure to coronavirus, we have modified our visitor policy temporarily.

  • All visitors and vendors will be screened for illness and asked specific questions.
  • No Visitors are permitted in any area of the hospital, in practices or clinics


  • 1 visitor with a patient in labor and post-delivery
  • 1 visitor with a minor patient

In clinics:

  • 1 visitor with  patient who has need for direct assistance
  • Single parent with more than one child

The Health of Communities Depends on Donors – Help Fill the Critical Need for Blood

MYTH: Donating blood during this time is unsafe.

FACT: No cases of coronavirus or flu virus have been linked to blood exposure. Instead, we protect ourselves and our donors by maintaining clean hands, wearing gloves, cleaning work surfaces and covering coughs and sneezes.

The coronavirus does not pose any risk to blood donors, either during the donation process or while attending organized blood drives. Given this information, the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have not recommended blood centers take any additional action at this time.

MYTH: We don’t need to worry about the blood supply at this time.

FACT: To ensure an adequate blood supply healthy, eligible donors must donate blood so that an adequate blood supply can be maintained at all times. We strongly encourage all healthy donors and sponsors of blood drives to schedule appointments and keep commitments to donate blood. 

How can I donate?



Healthy In Vermont’s
Northeast Kingdom

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Some of our Favorite
Healthy Recipes


2019 Annual Report
Celebrating 100 years



Celebrating 37 years  of Fun, Health and Fitness! 


The Wellness Center is committed to the care, health and fitness of our community. Out of an abundance of caution we are cancelling all classes effective Saturday, March 14 with hopes of returning to our regular schedule March 30th. PLease take good care and we will so you soon. For updates please refer to our Facebook Page.

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