It’s that time of year! The days are shorter, nights are cooler and pumpkin spice everything is starting to reappear. Where did the summer go? If you are like most people you had one thing after another and chances are you spent more time celebrating, relaxing and making memories than staying focused on your personal health and wellness – no worries! Here at The Wellness Center we have you covered to get you back on track in no time! We’re your largest local wellness supporter for making this the best fall yet and we’ve broken it down into four categories: F-itness, A-accoutability, L-ifestyle and L-ifetime!

F-itness. Did you know there is literally no end on the timeline of fitness? We are all supposed to keep moving as long as our heart does. That means regardless of our age or abilities we need to keep moving. That may sound easy but with all of us having different needs, a one stop fitness program isn’t likely to work. That is why The Wellness Center has over 45 different weekly classes to choose from! If you are just starting out, wheelchair bound, recovering from surgery, a marathon runner or even a triathlete, we have something for you! Stop struggling to get motivated to get outside, on the treadmill or to do that video. Just show up at one of our various classes and voila, before you know it, workout complete.

A-ccountability. Being committed to you is one thing but it is really hard to keep ourselves accountable. At The Wellness Center you won’t just have your Certified Fitness Professional to help you but your new friends or as we like to call them, accountability partners in your classes. Regardless, if your goal is to just shape up, tone up or even try and relieve stress, we have a built in support system to keep you not only accountable but encouraged and fulfilled.  Along with that natural aspect we have an Annual Waistloss Challenge that supports maintaining your waist measurement or if needed, decreasing your waist measurement. Participants can sign up to take part in this challenge that is all about keeping you accountable and hopefully even more successful than you could imagine. (Winning some extra cash makes it a little easier to keep accountable too!)

L-ifestyle and L-ifetime. The word Lifestyle is tossed around quite a bit. At The Wellness Center we believe “lifestyle” means it’s something you can maintain for a “lifetime.” The Wellness Center is a lifestyle facility, meaning we believe you can incorporate our classes into any lifestyle and at any stage of your life and be supported for the greater good. Fad gyms and overly auspicious fitness classes are not “lifestyle” changers, maybe you join them for a season but chances are they probably drained your wallet faster than they increased your total wellness. The whole reason we offer a full range of options is that so anyone, at any time in their life can join us and fit right in. Just off the couch, great, tie up those shoes and join us. An avid runner, perfect, come right in. There is no end in sight for our clients. We are able to meet and challenge their needs and goals for a lifetime. Many of our members have been with us for decades, some even since day one, more than 36 years ago. Because we aren’t in the fad business, we are in the wellness business. We make your goals our own, and to do that we want to fit into any lifestyle and give you support to really change your life and support you on that journey.

The Wellness Center is a non-profit facility that has been committed to meeting the health and wellness needs of the community for over 36 years. And because we aren’t focused on “money or sales,” like other gyms, we keep our focus on increasing the population of health and wellness in the community. To do that we make sure every person on our staff is certified, educated and energized to help people for the long haul. We are committed to keeping our prices low and our class volume high. We have a sliding scale and we welcome all Bodies into our spaces. Alongside many fitness classes we offer health coaching, weight/nutrition management, support groups, healthier living workshops, mindbody classes, mindfulness support and more.

What do you need this fall? Are you stressed? Are you overweight? Could you use some new friends? Maybe a safe place to express yourself? Are you looking to get more flexible or even receive support with nutrition management? If you want support to do that, give us a call at 334-5566, or stop by at our main location at 1734 Crawford Farm Road. We have a new session starting September 4th, but you can join us at any time. This fall, think about empowering yourself to take on areas you may be avoiding, but remember you don’t have to do it alone. From everyone here at The Wellness Center we want to wish you all the best F.A.L.L. ever.