There is an old adage about “not wearing white after Labor Day,” and although no one really knows how or why it became a thing, we assume it is because white clothes keep us cooler. Then down the line some ridiculous people came up with a new saying, “don’t eat white foods.” Although some white foods are not notorious, there are plenty that are. So go ahead and ignore the peanut gallery because you can eat white foods, before, during and after Labor Day!
When it comes to white foods there are some to avoid, but there are many to enjoy. Here are a few favorites and why they are so great!
White Fish: It is super versatile, heart and bone healthy and full of protein. From haddock to sea bass, white fish can be a really healthy and hearty option to fill your plate. It’s also really easy to prepare. Pop your fish of choice in a baking dish with olive oil, lots of lemon and some garlic and pepper. Sauté in a pan with some spinach and tomatoes, or even toss it on the grill with your favorite marinade.
Cauliflower: It’s becoming super popular for being so good! Yes you can eat it raw or bake in the oven, BUT, cauliflower can be transformed into just about anything. From pizza crust to noodles you can use cauliflower to fill in where other white foods might have left you short. Unlike some of those blah white foods, cauliflower is full of vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber. It’s also super low in calories. Swap out noodles in your next mac and cheese for cauliflower, we promise you won’t miss those extra carbs.
Greek Yogurt: It may be a bit tangy for your taste but trust us, it’s so worth it. Greek yogurt is a protein packed and diverse food. You can eat it plain or top with berries and cinnamon or turn it into lots of other tasty things. Plain Greek yogurt can become your new go to instead of mayonnaise which gives white foods a bad name. You can use Greek yogurt for sandwiches, salads and even dips. Swap out your recipes for mayonnaise or oil with Greek yogurt! From your muffins to chicken salad you will be cutting tons of calories and fat while adding in probiotics and protein.
Onions: These white vegetables often get left off the list as a food but they are! Onions are known for their powerful antioxidant characteristics. Coming in at just over 40 calories a cup they can also be a great way to bulk up foods without adding calories or fat. It is true that many people don’t like cold onions, but grilled up or roasted they can be a sweet treat. Instead of adding potatoes to your roasting pan, add in some onions! While you are at it you could add in another white friend, turnips. Grill up onions to top salads, sandwiches and even a bun-less burger.
Each season usually brings its own clichés about what to eat or not eat. Most foods when eaten in moderation are ok as is, yet some really should be saved for special occasions. Instead of writing a food off because of its color or something ridiculous like that, research it. If it is a naturally occurring food such as a fruit or vegetable it has nutritional value! If it’s a bag of marshmallows, one look at the nutrition facts will let you know it’s a sometimes food. Look for foods with lots of vitamins listed along with protein and fiber in each serving. Also eating a wide range of colors will give you a larger range of nutrients! Labor Day may have come and gone, you may have even packed away your white clothes but you don’t have to ditch the white foods just yet. Eating white can be right.