It’s that time of year again! You know where you are scrambling from concerts at school to work events, gatherings here and there, cooking and baking more than ever, while trying to fit in some holiday shopping, wrapping, shipping and more. Not to mention, you may find that you and your precious bed are spending fewer hours together. All the while eating on the run and taking part in ample treats that seem to be EVERYWHERE. It should come as no surprise that this may or may not be the happiest time of the year, but it certainly can be the unhealthiest. At The Wellness Center we would like to challenge, encourage and support you to change that, to make this your healthiest holiday season yet!

Holiday weight gain is real. With lots of time spent sitting in cars, school auditoriums, and other scheduled events, we just aren’t moving enough. Add a decrease of physical activity with an increase in consumption, you can almost guarantee you better have a larger set of pants waiting for you under the tree. If you want to maintain or at least no gain this holiday season you must keep moving and be mindful of what you put in your mouth. If every year you gain five pounds and you never take it off, how can this year be different? Basic tips: Look for places to move! Walk around on breaks, take a Wellness Center Class, do squats in the kitchen or even jog in front of the morning new on T.V. If you have a pedometer set daily step goals and make them happen. If you know you are eating more, don’t meet, but beat those step goals. You will likely also have to eat less. If you want that cherry cheesecake coming in at 700 calories at your weekend gathering, skip the extra cookies during the regular week. If you know you are indulging in bigger holiday meals, lighten up the ones before and after. Most of us know what we need to do, but will you do it?

There is a Christmas song that has the lyrics, “And there’s just one more sleep till Christmas,” which may have you saying; “SLEEP! WHO’S GOT TIME TO SLEEP?” You do! If you aren’t sleeping and getting adequate rest you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Wrapping gifts until 1 am every night won’t make you merrier the next day – it will likely make you a Grinch. Overtired people also are more likely to skip workouts, eat poorly and overall just not perform at their best. Get your sleep. Stick to a healthy bedtime and look for other areas of downtime where you can. Kids aren’t the only ones who get grumpy without enough rest!

Other tips to make this season the healthiest yet: