Happy Birthday Newport! Newport is 100 years strong and here at North Country Hospital we are just behind, celebrating 99 years! The Wellness Center is still a little younger at just over 36 years, BUT that means there is so much to celebrate! Celebrating successes and milestones isn’t just about building personal wellness, it’s about building community wellness too!

Community wellness is a real thing. Communities that foster a culture of wellness tend to have strong community bonds, businesses and beyond. Think about it, if a town is full of people who aren’t feeling well or taking care of themselves, don’t you think that crosses over into all other areas? But if we have a healthy and upbeat community of people around us, can’t that do the same? The centennial is a perfect way to rejuvenate our spirits and increase our wellness capacity as a group.

Everyone knows that Newport is a hub of our greater community, so even if you don’t live in Newport, you too are a piece of this puzzle! When we as a community of people look to the brighter side, start putting our feet to the pavement and making it our own responsibility to try to increase our own wellness in our mind, body and spirit, that overflows into everyone we connect with and can spread like wild fire. Have you ever been in a restaurant and overheard people around you complaining? It can start to affect you! You can go from enjoying a nice lunch to feeling annoyed, and then you start complaining and so on. But now picture you are enjoying lunch and those around you all seem to be enjoying as well, speaking about positive things, talking about making good choices, etc. It is all really quite contagious.

Choosing to increase our community wellness is a lot like personal wellness. What can you do to increase our community wellness? Start with yourself! Get out there and celebrate the Centennial and stay active in the community! Taking advantage of all our great resources like parks, lakes, rivers, libraries, and/or fitness opportunities is really easy in our community because there is just so much offered at little or no cost. You could also join a local club or organization. You can choose to eat local healthy foods and shop at local businesses. Get out there and take time to soak in all that makes us unique and all the while you are taking care of yourself you will see that flood into other areas of your life as well. It’s just natural that people who care for themselves also care more about their relationships, work life and community. If we are all doing our part to live our healthiest lives now, we can also expect to see that expanding around us. Healthier businesses, communities that enjoy interacting with each other, townspeople who have the energy and drive to keep programing happening in the community, are all the ripple effects of building community wellness.

The centennial celebration is really focused to meet the needs of our community as a complete wellness experience. From chances to get active with free classes at The Wellness Center, water skiing lessons and dance parties in the street, your physical wellness needs are being met. With so many social opportunities like free or low cost meals, parades and demonstrations, there are opportunities to connect with others building social wellness. Taking time to enjoy being outside or appreciating all the live local music is also a great way to rejuvenate your inner mind/spirit connection. And when we start to increase our own personal wellness we too can start a response in the community that empowers us all as a whole to become more wellness minded.

The fact is that people who take care of themselves tend to take better care of their businesses and their customers. Those who take time to foster their own personal wellness needs also do a better job of supporting others on the same journey. The centennial is a great celebration and with so many in the community who have made a commitment of their time, talents and funds to help everyone find something that makes them feel connected, this could be a starting point for increased community wellness. Take advantage of it, it’s not only good for you; it’s good for all of us. On behalf of The Wellness Center, we want to wish Newport a very happy and healthy birthday! Let’s Celebrate 100 Years Strong!