It’s Official!

It’s official – as of Tuesday just after noon we entered spring. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. There is hope that comes with spring! Hope for warmer and sunnier days. Hope for green grass and flowers. Hope for time outside listening to peepers and watching the sun go down. But spring is also a time that many people take advantage of this transitional time to clean. They clean their houses from top to bottom, get rid of unwanted “stuff,” and do all those things they won’t want to do or have time to do once the warmer weather hits. Have you ever stopped to think that our homes aren’t the only things that could use a little spring cleaning?

Just like winter can take a toll on our homes and our cars, it can even take a toll on our bodies. From being stuck inside, to missing sunlight and even collecting a few pounds along the way, our bodies can be craving a spring clean too! This may sound too good to be true, but really it is not. Taking some time to renew yourself from head to toe, inside and out, can be a really wonderful investment in your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Feeling weighed down at the end of the long winter season is a pretty normal feeling, especially considering many people gain weight in the winter. If you gained a few pounds this winter, or more, do yourself a favor and try to shed those extra pounds (unless you were underweight and these pounds are good news). Adding extra pounds each winter can be a bad habit for your health and your waistline. The sooner you commit to burning off those extra pounds you will feel lighter physically and mentally. No one likes to feel overweight or that they let themselves go. Gaining weight can make people feel self-conscious and can keep them from being their full selves. If this is you, get moving and lighten up your daily eating to shed those winter pounds. Take advantage of the extra daylight and start with just basic walking, join a Wellness Center class or start spring cleaning your home. Cleaning burns tons of extra calories!

Detox your life.

Spring can be catalyst for many people to detox, and we don’t mean just drinking water and eating lettuce. Detoxing your life is about more than food – it’s about cutting out negativity or anything that causes you unhappiness. This doesn’t mean you need to cut out every person in your life, but if you have people, places or things that are taking more from you than you are giving, take a break from them- try a detox. If social media is overwhelming you, take a break, or if spending too much time watching TV shows that steal your time from friends and family, take a break. Taking a break or “detoxing” doesn’t have to be permanent, but a healthy break may help you decide what you want back in your life or could do without.

Spring cleaning is often about cleaning out junk drawers, closets and all those spaces we cram things. We cram a lot into our minds, sometimes even more over the winter when we tend to be less active and social. Take some time to clean out those thoughts and emotions. Get them out on paper. Write down all the things that are filling your mind and stealing some of your spirit. Getting them out and on paper can make your mind feel as satisfied as a newly cleaned closet. If writing them down isn’t helpful to you, seek out a friend, counselor or therapist who can help you get out all that stored junk before you take on the new season. You’ll feel so much better letting go of those stale or plaguing feelings and making room for healthier and more rewarding ones!

We can help!

As you make your list of chores and to do’s for spring, don’t forget to add yourself to the list. Better yet, join us this Saturday at 10 am for a Self-Spring Cleaning Workshop. This workshop will be led by Sally Rivard and Pat Shover at The Wellness Center in Newport. All ages and abilities are welcome to come join in this Mind-Body Workshop that will incorporate gentle yoga and tai chi. This is perfect for those who maybe aren’t sure about the spring clean but interested in learning a little more about beginner yoga and tai chi. Either way, this workshop will help give you some tools to let go of some of your winter “stuff” and leave feeling light and fresh, just like spring. Spring cleaning isn’t just about our homes anymore. This year add one more thing to the list: Spring Clean Yourself!