To Wean: to detach from a source of dependence. Also: to free from a usually unwholesome habit or interest

We all are looking for ways to do less, right? AKA wean ourselves from those things that steal our precious time and energy. Yet somehow when we think of detaching ourselves or taking things away we start to feel punished or defensive about whatever thing or habit that is. 2019 is a brand new start and a perfect time to think about what we can wean out of our lives for the greater good of our health and wellness.

Weaning for time. Almost everyone claims to have “no time.” Reality is we all have the exact same about of time, but we choose to use it differently. What is one thing you could start to wean yourself from that is stealing your time? Too much screen time on your phone or tablet? This is very common. We can easily trick ourselves into thinking we will just check Facebook for one thing, or google one symptom and next thing we know we’ve lost the whole morning or we are up too late on our devices. Do yourself a favor! Go to your settings on your phone or tablet and set up a “screen time” limit. This will keep you accountable and when the time is up, you will put that phone or tablet down!

Wean yourself from sugar. Sugar is a sneaky little nutrition-less and delicious pest that creeps into most of our lives. It hides in so many different foods and drinks. Yet, let’s get real! Most of us know exactly where our added sugar is coming from! Do you have a specialty coffee or energy drink you “just can’t quit?” Maybe you have “chocolate addiction,” or you just can’t “give up sweets?” If we are getting real, you can! What is one thing you can start to wean yourself from? Can you skip just one little thing each day? You won’t just be saving calories, but you’ll be gaining back a whole lot more energy and maybe even save some extra cash while doing it.

Wean yourself from the couch. We get it – couches almost call to us from the second we walk in the door. After a long day or working and/or running around you’re tired, we get that too. BUT, once most people plop they usually stop. If your couch is sucking you into a creature of hibernation and stealing your motivation, it may be time to wean yourself out of this stagnant relationship. If you are the type of person who just can’t get re-motivated once you sit down, don’t sit! That may mean watching the news while standing or even on the treadmill that you have collecting dust. Try to wean yourself from hitting the couch until your lists and responsibilities are done for the day. The more you wean yourself away from your cozy spot, you may also notice more is getting done around the house and more weight is trimming off your waist!

Wean yourself from the screen. The TV is great in limited amounts for escaping the realities of today, but not at the cost of stealing from your life. TV isn’t a necessity. If time watching TV is stealing you from