Put An End To Body Shame

  We live in a world that is filled with “diet culture.” Where dieting never ends, no “body” is enough, and the cycle of shame is on repeat. There’s little room for self-love when every magazine, social media platform and …
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Make Your Work Life, Your Best Life

  If you work a typical 9-5, you’re spending at least a third of your day at work! Hours wise that’s at least 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month and 2080 hours a year! That’s a lot of …
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Fall Health Haul

  While the calendar says there are still a couple more weeks of summer, we all know that here in the NEK Fall shows up as soon as the Barton Fair is here, and, well, it’s here right now! We …
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Get Back To Wellness

    If you’ve missed taking fitness classes in a group setting, you aren’t alone. For many people this is the only thing that “works” to keep them consistently exercising in a way that’s fun, supportive, and sometimes even addictive. …
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vermont covid testing

Take The Test

It’s been a wild summer! When it was hot, it was super-hot. When it rained, it seemed to rain for days. And when Covid-19 cases started to increase, they really skyrocketed. Even a month ago many of us felt more …
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Adventure Is Calling!

    August is National Adventure Month! According to the Arbor Day Foundation, Adventurer Peter Kulkkula started this month to encourage us to celebrate and explore American lands. With over 400 different national parks, forests and wilderness areas, there is …
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