feeling like a million bucks

Living (And Feeling) Like A Millionaire

  We’ve all heard sayings like, “champagne taste on a beer budget,” referring to expensive taste on things we can’t (or think we can’t) afford. The same mindset often comes to our health, we “think,” we can’t afford great health, …
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get outside to reduce stress

Together We Can Get To Tomorrow

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone many people are starting to feel the weight of this time of year. For some it’s a season of stress and rushing, for others it’s a reminder of change and loss, and of …
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have gratitude this thanksgiving

Give Thanks, Gain Health

  After a couple of years where Thanksgiving looked and felt a lot different, you may find that your traditions have changed. Gatherings may remain downscaled, maybe you don’t travel anymore or maybe your family and friends’ dynamic has changed. …
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nch open enrollment period

Enroll Now

  Have you been seeing the term, “Open Enrollment,” a lot lately? Maybe in work emails, postcards from AARP in the mail, or ads on TV? Do you know what open enrollment is and why it matters? Open Enrollment is …
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healthy veterans matter NCH

Healthy Veterans Matter

This week we celebrate our veterans, we pause, reflect, and appreciate that these people were willing to risk it all, for us. Veteran’s Day is not only a day off from work but also a chance to talk about them …
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driving tired

Driving Drowsy is Impaired Driving

    We’re tired. Our lives are over-connected, busy, and sometimes messy. Our lives are either filled with the constant engagement of friends, family, coworkers and or filled with way too much time alone with our thoughts and unmet needs. …
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