Internships & Job Shadowing

The Shadowing Program that is offered at North Country Hospital (NCH) is open to both adults and students of all ages. The program allows a participant to explore and experience different areas available for potential future careers within the diverse field of Healthcare. Students from local high schools and others from numerous colleges and universities come to NCH exploring what is available within the Healthcare setting for potential future careers within our community.

The Education Department, specifically Kathleen LaFratta, 334-3202, is the “gate-keeper” for documentation of the appropriate criteria along with Angel Knights, 334-3210 x 291, who is the “gate-keeper” for medical, PA, and NP students. Tina Royer, Human Resources Representative 334-3210 ext. 407, provides the Hospital Orientation Program, the background check, and issuance of a hospital ID badge. The managers of the different departments accept the participants and delegate appropriate staff for the shadowing program. The Physicians manage the medical, PA, and NP students.


You can download checklists in PDF format.

High School Student Job Shadow and Junior Volunteer
Adult Job Shadow and Volunteer
Intern/Extern (Hands-on) Experience

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