North Country Hospital Employees Complete AHA Certification

North Country Hospital Environmental Services (EVS) employees recently completed a six week “CHEST” certification course designed by the American Hospital Association. “CHEST” stands for Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician, which is a course of training that sets national standards specifically for environmental services technicians working in healthcare. This is the second “CHEST” course for the EVS department, which is now almost completely trained.
The hospital’s Infection Prevention nurses also participated in the training so that the Nursing Department and Environmental Services are working together to improve patient outcomes and to enhance the patient experience. The training focuses on cleaning and disinfection practices, waste handling, flooring care, linen handling, infection prevention, safety, and communication. By achieving standardized practices that are state of the art and nationally embraced, North Country Hospital maintains the safest environment for patients as infection prevention is a primary focus.
Amy Kimball and Jean Holcomb, Registered Nurses working in the field of Infection Prevention, completed the training along with the Environmental Services staff. “The course was very comprehensive, and really helped to shape the EVS Department’s revised policies,” says Jean Holcomb, who has worked at North Country Hospital for more than 30 years. Jean helped write the new EVS policies which dictate specific methods and practices in Infection Prevention.
Amy Kimball, a recent addition to the hospital’s Nursing Department, was very impressed with the course as well, and added, “It’s exciting to see departments working together at North Country. When there is such teamwork it means we are really serving our patients well.”
North Country Hospital is currently the only hospital in Vermont whose EVS employees have earned the “CHEST” certification.