Happy nurses week NCH

Our employees make a difference – BE INSPIRED

The nursing staff who work at NCH are dedicated to their patients, their units, their community, and their families. They are the professionals who see patients 24/7 and advocate for the best care possible. They are often doing this during stressful times or while juggling multiple priorities. Because of this we are committed to having patient to nurse ratios in all departments that are evidence-based and promote high quality care and compassion.

We are proud to support our nurses with an excellent Education Department, regular in-house paid education time, a new graduate residency program, tuition reimbursement, certification bonuses and loan forgiveness. We also have a Clinical Ladders Program that incentivizes those nurses who have the capability and time to expand their practice. We focus on “growing our own” and have frequently had LNAs who have advanced to LPNs and LPNs to RNs and beyond. We support this advancement by adjusting schedules while staff attend school and adjusting responsibilities to reflect their change in license.

As a critical access hospital we encourage our nursing staff to grow and branch out into other units and areas within the hospital to promote their own professional career. We work to make that happen in a timely manner when our nursing staff feel a change is necessary or desired.

Our Unit Nurse Practice Councils and Overall Nurse Practice Council help to drive the quality changes that can only be informed by those closest to the patient on the frontline of care delivery.

On a daily basis we hear of staff that have made a difference in the lives of their patients, the community and their coworkers. If this is the type of environment that stimulates you as a professional we urge you to join us and experience the rewards of rural healthcare in a beautiful setting.


Megan Sargent
VP Patient Care Services