Talking children’s books, watches, calculators, hearing aids, key fobs, singing greeting cards, television/DVD controls, cameras, handheld electronic games, flameless candles they all have one thing in common and it’s small! These are just some of the devices and ‘toys’ that require use of a miniature, flat battery no larger than a button, shiny and very attractive to babies and toddlers. We all know that young ones with inquisitive minds and busy hands do not stop to consider consequences. Small children know what they like and what they like usually ends up in their tiny mouths. In fact, each year almost 2,800 children are treated after swallowing these button batteries. That’s one child every three hours and the average age of the patient is 3.9 years old.
When a button battery is lodged in the esophagus it sets off a chemical reaction when mixed with the fluid in the esophagus, and tissue will start burning within two hours. Physicians advise that a child is taken to the Emergency Department immediately if a button battery is swallowed.
Over two years after a little boy named Emmett swallowed a button battery, he’s still dealing with major and critical complications that will require a second, out-of-state medical opinion. He’s endured over 30 surgeries, spent eight months in a pediatric ICU and has recently had his entire esophagus removed and replaced with a portion of his bowels.
Emmett has a new functioning esophagus but is still depends on a gastrostomy tube placed in his abdomen to give him the nutrients his body needs. He will require months and maybe years of swallow therapy to be able to completely eat by mouth. He requires a trach to breathe and will need another complicated operation to reconstruct his airway. He will have to deal with many lifelong medical complications. Emmett continues to fight, here’s his story. Emmett’s Story
Every day, six children die from an injury in the home, and 10,000 go to the emergency department for the kinds of injuries that commonly happen in homes. Working together with Safe Kids Worldwide in the spirit of community and caring, we can all help to keep our Kingdom Kids Safe.