Felician College
Lodi, New Jersey
Master’s Degree in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner. Successfully completed in August 2013 with GPA 3.6.
Successful completion of 780 hours of direct clinical experience from the newborn to the geriatric patient. Specialty hours done in Women’ s Health including OB. Able to see 9-11 patients daily during end of clinical training.
Awarded the Academic Distinction Award for the FNP track in May 2013.

Chamberlain/Devry University
Lombard, Illinois
Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing
Successfully completed in 2009 with GPA above 3.5.

Castleton State College
Rutland, Vermont
Associate Degree in Nursing
Successfully completed May 2003 with GPA above 3.0


Master’s Thesis
Effectiveness of Fiber on Constipation and Related Symptoms in Patients with IBS-C
This project was designed to study whether the effects of increasing fiber in the diet of a patient with IBS-C would decrease their symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation.
Specifically the project helped to determine whether increasing dietary sources of fiber or using a fiber supplementation were beneficial, and if so, which was more effective?