Computer Comfort Self Evaluation


How do you think your position is when you are working on your computer at home or at work? If you have discomfort, or are not sure how you should be sitting at your computer, take the test!


  • Is the top of your screen about eye level?


  • Is your screen about an arm length away from you (if you put your arm straight in front of you, you should be touching your screen)?


  • Is your neck neutral when looking at your screen (not looking down or looking up)?


  • Is your screen vertical?


  • Is your keyboard flat on your desk or at a comfortable angle?


  • Are your wrist neutral (straight, not bent up or down)?


  • Are your forearms parallel to the floor?


  • Are your elbows resting at your side (not in front of you)?


  • Is your lower back supported?


  • Are your knees at 90* angle?


  • Is the back of your knee clear/not touching the chair?


  • Are your feet flat on the floor?


  • Are you facing your work station (not sitting at an angle from the straight surface of your desk)?



The answer to all of the above questions should be YES!!! Most of the time you can adjust your work station by moving things around. At times, you may need different equipment like a keyboard and mouse wrist gel pad, a footrest, or possibly an adjustable chair. All of these items can be purchased at local stores or on-line. Being comfortable and injury free at your work station is very important to your health.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Occupational Therapy Department at North Country Hospital at 802-334-3260.


Submitted by Johanne Champigny, OTR/L, CHT.   Johanne was the first occupational therapist at NCH when she joined the Rehab Team in 1995. She became certified as a hand therapist in 2015. She works primarily with outpatients and is also the OT department supervisor.